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October 12, 2022

Bathurst has become the first regional city to be included in the NSW Spatial Digital Twin as part of the Live NSW program.

This digital representation of the city was delivered by DCS Spatial Services in partnership with Bathurst Regional Council and enables the visualisation of location-based information in 4D (3D plus time) of a 4,000,000 m² extent of the central business district.

Council, planners and the community can now interact with data in a user-friendly place-based platform enabling:

  • Visualisation of location data including infrastructure and services such as bus stops, accessible parking spaces at a location, play equipment and off-leash dog parks
  • Smart infrastructure, including Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, allowing access to real-time data for electric vehicle charging station locations and FuelCheck
  • Visualisation of past, present and future built and natural environment to assist the council, developers and the community to collaboratively realise Bathurst’s best potential
  • Support of the tourism sector by showcasing Bathurst’s unique architecture.

The Bathurst Digital Twin also showcases data provided by Bathurst Regional Council like accessible parking spaces, play equipment and dog parks. Further council data will added as it becomes available.

As more data is integrated, the Bathurst Spatial Digital Twin is expected to provide significant opportunities for local councils and the NSW Government to realise benefits across the entire development and infrastructure lifecycle.

See the Bathurst Spatial Digital Twin here.