Find the village life of your dreams

Bathurst Region has the unique village lifestyle you've been craving for with all the amenity at nearby Bathurst.

Find the country lifestyle you've dreamed of in one of our many villages. Complete with stunning rural landscapes, historical stories, cultural heritage and beautiful old pubs. Perfect for spinning yarns and finding your people, quiet lane ways, corner shops and welcoming communities.

Living in one of our beautiful villages allows you to have the easy living lifestyle you're craving while having access to all the amenities in nearby Bathurst. Leading you to your new home will be some of the finest and most iconic rural landscapes in New South Wales.

Our villages will make you feel as if you have been transported back in time to the slower paced period of the late nineteenth century but with much better coffee. Each of our villages are unique, contributing their own significant part to the story of the Bathurst Region. Every village has its own characters, surprises and fascinating stories.

From the famed gold country around Hill End and Sofala to the early industrial heritage of Rockley, you are bound to find the village of your dreams. Discover why so many artists have been captivated by the landscape and the villages’ charm.

Find out more about the Bathurst Region villages below.


Villages Bathurst

Discover the Bathurst Region Villages

Perthville Villages Bathurst


This charming little town has easy access to all the amenities of a major regional town, being located just 20-minutes south of Bathurst. The village is home to St Joseph’s Convent, as well as Barcoos Farmstays and Vale Creek Wines.

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Wattle Flat Villages Bathurst

Wattle Flat

Located 35km north of Bathurst, Wattle Flat was originally a farming area before it become a boom town in 1855 when gold was discovered. Today it is a beautiful village with many examples of its past still standing like stone buildings, miners' cottages, and old gold mines.

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Yelholme Villages Bathurst


Less than half an hour east of Bathurst, set just off the Great Western Highway, is the village of Yetholme. As one of the highest points in the region, snow often transforms the village into an Instagrammer’s dream during the winter months. The nearby nature reserve is home to echidnas, kangaroos, wallabies and possums.

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Hill End Villages Bathurst

Hill End

Located just over an hours’ scenic drive from Bathurst, Hill End is a blend of heritage, art, and gold mine relics. Once a booming gold town, today the wonderfully preserved historic buildings and gold rush era artefacts provide a fascinating opportunity to experience what it was like to live in a major commercial centre of the late 1800's.

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Sofala Villages Bathurst


One of the most interesting and unusual gold mining towns in New South Wales, Sofala, a 40-minute drive north of Bathurst, is a two-street village with an authentic old-world charm that appears to capture the town snap frozen as if in 1870. Sofala has it all, with swimming, horse riding, fishing and fossicking all on offer.

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Georges Plains Village Bathurst

Georges Plains

Georges Plains is located just 12 km south of Bathurst, via Perthville. The village was once a fully functioning township servicing the needs of the rural area. Georges Plains sits in the heart of what was once the first great food bowl of New South Wales.

Rockley Villages Bathurst


Experience the charm of Rockley. A 30-minute drive south of Bathurst, and one of the oldest European settlements west of the Blue Mountains. Declared as a National Trust Historic Village, Rockley is home to over two dozen Insta-worthy heritage buildings and beautiful parklands. The local pub was recently purchased by Matt Moran, whose has strong family ties to Rockley.

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Peel Villages Bathurst


Situated a 15 minute scenic drive from Bathurst to Sofala and Hill End, is the small village of Peel. Known for its annual events, the Brucedale Twilight Concert in March and The Marmalade Festival Peel Jam and Art Exhibition in November. These quirky annual events showcase local artists and musicians, adding to the charm of the village.

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Tarana Villages Bathurst


Located a short 35 minutes from Bathurst, Tarana is a beautiful village along the Main Western Railway Line. Famous for its local Tarana Hotel, the village also holds monthly Farmer's Markets that support the growers and producers of our region.

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Sunny Corner Villages Bathurst

Sunny Corner

Located a 20 minute drive along the Great Western Highway towards Lithgow, the village of Sunny Corner is situated in the Sunny Corner State Forest. Sunny Corner is the perfect home for those who love outdoor adventure, with hundreds if trails to explore throughout the state forest.

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OConnell Villages Bathurst


O'Connell is an easy 20 minute drive south east of Bathurst. You will know your home when you drive under the beautiful canopy of Desert Ash trees that welcome you into the village. One of Bathurst's favourite cool climate wineries and many of the region's local growers and producers call O'Connell home.

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Trunkey Creek Villages Bathurst

Trunkey Creek

Trunkey Creek is Bathurst's most southern village, located 45 minutes to the south. This rural village delight is famous for its spectacular skies and for producing fine quality Merino wool. The village has a church, hotel, showground and school.

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