Auto Parts Central Bathurst

1/36 Bant Street Bathurst 2795

Auto Parts Central Bathurst – focused wholly on automotive spare parts

Auto Parts Central is locally owned and operated.

Originally branded as Brakepro Bathurst and Brakepro Autospares, Brakepro Bathurst was opened in 1997 and with Brakepro Autospares being in operation since 1985. Initially trading as a vehicle repairer and a spare parts outlet, specialising in Brake, Clutch and suspension repair and components. The workshop catered for the specialist needs of both retail & trade customers.

After trading this way for 10 years, the spare parts side of the business grew to a point where more warehouse space was needed for the increasing range of stock. This, coupled with an industry demand for a trade-qualified specialist local reseller, led to the closure of the vehicle repair side of the business in 2007.

Re-branded in 2020 to Auto Parts Central, the business continues to be focused wholly on automotive spare parts. Auto Parts Central is locally owned and operated, and is employing more local staff, many of whom are qualified automotive technicians. All of this whilst also increasing our stock spectrum, to offer a complete range of spare parts for all types of vehicles, servicing both retail customers & tradesmen alike.

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Autoparts Central

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