Eldnay Digital

Bathurst, NSW, 2795, Australia

Eldnay Digital – How It Works
Upload Your Images: Easily upload your image collection to our platform.
Automatic Object Detection: Our trained YOLO model identifies objects within the images.
Intelligent Sorting: Images are sorted based on detected objects, making it a breeze to find the right photos.
Key Features
Efficient Sorting: Instantly organise your images by recognised objects, saving you hours of manual sorting.
Customisable Filters: Tailor the sorting criteria to your specific needs using our easy-to-use interface.
Scalability: Handle image collections of any size, from a few images to thousands, effortlessly.
Cloud Integration: Seamlessly connect with your Google Cloud Storage account for efficient storage and retrieval.

Our Object Detection Service is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms to provide accurate detection and classification of objects within images. Simply upload your images, and let our service do the rest.

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Zac Yandle