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McDowells Herbal exists because humans and their animals will always need safe, natural and effective health care and lifestyle alternatives to our increasingly chemical dependent world.

McDowells Herbal treat people, horses, dogs and cats (as well as the odd elephant, camel and llama!) around the world each day. We currently have over 1500 human programs, and over 500 animal treatment programs.

Robert McDowell, Founder of herbal treatments in 1987, began a revolution in treating firstly Horses throughout Australia, and quickly developed the business to also include Dogs and Cats. With his first published book Herbal Horsekeeping, Robert had established himself as an authority on treating many conditions using simple and practical advices.

Over this last 20 years, Catherine has maintained the ongoing development of their herbal treatment programs. Our clients are testimony to the care and consideration that we give each case, and the reliability of the treatment programs.

This has enabled us to have many respected Veterinarians and General Practitioners from around the world work with us, and refer to us in many cases.

Dr Raquel Butler contributes to our ongoing education , and provides us with Veterinary advice on many complex cases.

Ongoing training and development within the practice  is allowing us to find a new direction of integrating a time honoured classical herbal medicine with a more modern approach, as our patients are no longer in our backyard.

Within this integration is a dedication to support General Medical  Practitioners who wish to use Herbal Medicine as part of their patient options, and also Veterinarians, for the same reason.

McDowells Herbal

David Mansfield