Celebrate Local Bathurst Family Physiotherapy

April 27, 2022

Celebrate Local – Bathurst Family Physiotherapy

As published in the Central West Village Voice – 15 April 2022

Let’s meet Tanya and Edel, owners of Bathurst Family Physiotherapy.

When did BFP begin and what was the reason behind its inception?
After meeting at Bathurst Base Hospital a few years ago when Tanya was covering Edel’s maternity leave, the ladies decided they wanted a new challenge so after identifying there was a gap in the market – they started Bathurst Family Physiotherapy. Tanya and Edel worked on the business concept for 6 months before they even opened the doors to patients to be sure they had their offering ready.

What has been the biggest win over the last few years?
Definitely the biggest wins for the ladies has been opening the doors, getting their name out there and helping clients reach their health goals. Also, moving into their own premises has been a major achievement!

What has been the biggest challenge over the last few years?
Covid has certainly brought the main challenge over the last couple of years for Bathurst Family Physiotherapy! But also creating a new brand and getting their business out there so that the community knows exactly what Tanya and Edel offer and how they can be of benefit to people from all walks of life. Physiotherapy is not only for sport injuries!

What was the best business advise you’ve ever been given?
Tanya thinks that being true to yourself and be honest, knowing your limitations and listening has been winning advise. Edel added to be sure to get advise when you can, you don’t know what you don’t know so building that external team of accounts or legal people is essential.

What’s your favourite thing about Bathurst?
COFFEE! Edel says that Bathurst has fantastic coffee and that it’s a real bonus that she can be with clients in short spaces of time, compared to Sydney and it’s traffic. Tanya said that it’s the people for her. Having lived in Sydney and experienced that kind of pace, the sense of community and friendship in Bathurst is what makes her happy.

Final thoughts…
Both Tanya and Edel would like to thank their families for their amazing support during the last 3 years of business! The ladies are committed to working towards educating the community of all the different kinds of physiotherapy that’s available and look forward to speaking with anyone looking to learn more about their services and how they can help.

Bathurst Family Physiotherapy will be celebrating their 3rd birthday as well as the grand opening of the new premises with a free community drop in event on Wednesday 4th of May between 5pm and 7pm.
Bathurst Family Physiotherapy’s new location is at 125 William Street, Bathurst. To contact Tanya or Edel, please phone 02 6331 4742.

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