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November 10, 2022

As published in the Central West Village Voice – 10 November 2022

Lets meet Ingrid Pulley, owner of Best Paw Forward Bathurst.

When did Best Paw Forward begin and what was the reason behind its inception?

BPF began in 2017, after I had been a volunteer instructor with a local dog club for a time. I wanted to offer short courses for owners to bring their dog out to and so that they could learn how to work with and train their dog.

What has been the biggest win over the last few years?

The biggest win that I have seen since starting BPF is seeing the relationship between owners and their dogs change, where the dog is volunteering more of the behaviours their owners would like to see.

What has been the biggest challenge over the last few years?

The biggest challenge in my business is knowing how to read dogs and their owners properly to make sure that I’m working on the right solution, the right training plan so I’m actually helping both dog and owner.

What was the best business advice you’ve ever been given?

The best business advice I’ve been given is to have that attention to detail and that you sometimes need to put your business first. It’s also really important to understanding your “why”! And being passionate about your business means the you will prioritise that over other things sometimes and that’s ok!

What’s your favourite thing about Bathurst?
I think that the best thing about Bathurst is its amazing beauty, great atmosphere and has everything that you need! Bathurst also has a wonderful sense of community.

Final thoughts…
BPF can provide one on one classes in your home anytime during the week or weekends as well as our group classes here at Centennial Park on Bentinck Street. I work with dogs from all walks of life so I have programs to suit anything that dog owners need help with.

To get in touch with Ingrid at Best Paw Forward Bathurst, please phone 0488 462 963 or go to www.bestpawforwardbathurst.com.au for more information.

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