Celebrate Local Harvest Cafe & Store

May 12, 2022

Celebrate Local – Harvest Cafe & Store

As published in the Central West Village Voice – 12 May 2022

Let’s meet Chris Ringrose, owner of Harvest Cafe & Store.

When did Harvest Cafe & Store begin and what was the reason behind its inception?
I’ve been in this industry for 25 years so when we were looking for our next venture, I opened up with my business partners wanting to showcase what the region has to offer.

What has been the biggest win over the last few years?
We stayed open during COVID and have continued to trade over the last 2 years! With the first lockdown, we did close for a month or so but we reopened being adaptable and looking for a way to continue to be of service to our customers and community. When we could help, we were making up meals and donating to some local charities.

What has been the biggest challenge over the last few years?
Definitely COVID but the main challenge is around having to manage customers expectations differently. A lot of venues are in the same situation being under the pump and sometimes short staffed so wait times can occur. Also, we’ve found the supply chain, and particularly the demand for fresh products.

What was the best business advise you’ve ever been given?
Make your business weakness some one else’s strength! For example, social media isn’t one my strengths so we outsource that to someone that works with us who is studying it in her degree. And I’m not an accountant so we have a person that handles all that sort of stuff as well. Things like that.

What’s your favourite thing about Bathurst?
Bathurst is more than just a racetrack! We are a really close community and support each other. When times get tough, Bathurst is there to help each other out! As a business community, there are businesses that support local charities or even another business when we can. We might be an area of 40,000 people but we get behind each others businesses and support that.

Final thoughts…
By supporting local businesses, you’re supporting your local community! If we don’t have small business, we don’t have a town. We consider ourselves the gateway to the Central West so at Harvest Cafe & Store, we really try to focus on locally sourced goods to showcase fantastic wine and produce the region has to offer.

Celebrate Local Bathurst

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