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March 18, 2023

As published in the Central West Village Voice – 16 March 2023

Lets meet Sharon & Rodney, owners of Trinity News & Gifts.

When did you take on Trinity News & Gifts and what was the reason behind that?
We took over in October 2019, after always wanting to own a newsagency. Working in a newsagency was my first after-school job and then before I started my career in Banking & Finance, I worked for our local newsagency in Sydney. Rodney had also owned a newsagency with his brother in Sydney too… so I guess it was in our genes.

What has been the biggest win over the last few years?
We have had 2 first prize winning lottery tickets! The first was in November 2020 where a $2 ticket won its owner $1,540,000 and in April 2022 we had a first prize of $606,096 as the jackpot was shared that night. It’s so exciting to be involved with a big win!

What has been the biggest challenge over the last few years?
Running a small business can be full of challenges, but our biggest challenge is making sure that I’ve got things right for my gorgeous customers. We look to source the best quality giftware and greeting cards so we can offer the best I can get. This ensures my customers are happy to keep coming back – so maybe this is my goal maybe not a challenge. Customer satisfaction and getting it right is so important to us!

What was the best business advice you’ve ever been given?
There have been so many pieces of advice but I have always followed the advice of “keep your integrity”. I would hate to think that my integrity was ever questioned.

What’s your favourite thing about Bathurst?
Having lived here for 6 years now, we love the genuine friendliness shown by “Bathurstians”! This has been the common theme from when we first arrived till now. People are happy for a smile and a chat. Bathurst is very community focused and we love that.

Final thoughts…
We love our “Trinity family” and we love how they have taken us into their lives. We have many stories told to us, we are already seeing babies growing up and going off to school! We have beautiful families who feed us with dinners, sweets, fresh produce. I’m not sure if anyone truly understands how appreciative we are of their generosity and that true feeling of community!

To get in touch with Sharon & Rodney from Trinity News & Gifts, give them a buzz on 6331 6933 or visit at Shop 7, 13 Marsden Lane, Kelso.