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September 15, 2022

Celebrate Local – WaterMart

As published in the Central West Village Voice – 15 September 2022

Let’s meet Brad Batten, owner of WaterMart.

When did WaterMart begin and what was the reason behind its inception?

The business originally began in 1995 and after a couple of different owners, I bought the business in 2018. My background was in irrigation and could see the opportunity for growth in that industry. With my industry knowledge, I really thought I was ready to give it a go myself! It also meant I could be more at home with my family, rather than travelling all around the state.

What has been the biggest win over the last few years?

Definitely the biggest win has been the growth. Before, the business was focused on more the residential needs but we have really focused on the rural and commercial clients and seen amazing results.

What has been the biggest challenge over the last few years?

For us, water restrictions and how we handle that has been a challenge. And with COVID, its been more recently that we’ve been struck with almost two thirds of our workforce out. But, I would have to say that Staffing has been our biggest challenge and finding the right people for the team has been our focus.

What was the best business advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t be scared! A close friend said this to me and it’s really stuck with me.

What’s your favourite thing about Bathurst?

The “foody” culture is the favourite thing for me. I love food, a good coffee and a great beer and we have a great choice for that. I also love that we are still so close to Sydney for a rugby game or a cricket match that we can travel down and be home again that night.

Final thoughts…

WaterMart is available to assist anyone that is looking for a green lawn! We can help with many solutions to help save water at your place, which can save you money on your water bills!

WaterMart is located at 93 Rankin Street, Bathurst. To contact Brad & the Team, please phone 02 6332 4262.

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