NSW Business HQ

April 7, 2020

Updated 07 Apr 2020

To assist small business in this current economic climate, Central NSW Business HQ have organised more Webinars this week and next week. Simply click on each link to register for that webinar.


Wednesday 8 April 8am – COVID-19 Business Ready Master Planning Click here

Wednesday 8 April 8pm – COVID-19 Zoom for hosting virtual events Click here

Thursday 9 April 8am – COVID-19 Preparing a case for Business Finance Click here

Thursday 9 April 8pm – COVID-19 Digital Marketing Strategies for Survival Click here


Tuesday 14 April 8am – COVID-19 Stimulus Unpacked for Smaller Business Click here

Tuesday 14 April 8pm – COVID-19 Shopify Fundamentals Click here

Wednesday 15 April 8am – COVID-19 Your Business – A legal perspective Click here

Wednesday 15 April 8pm – COVID-19 Culture change through strong leadership Click here

*Please note – these webinars are subject to change based on new information being released daily.


Previous webinars have covered the following topics.

COVID-19 Retail Survival.

COVID-19 Stimulus Package Unpacked.

COVID-19 Café Survival.

COVID-19 Tenants & Landlords Negotiation Process.

COVID-19 W2 Credit System Explained.

COVID-19 Banking Help Options.

COVID-19 myGovID.

COVID-19 Social Media.

COVID-19 Employer Masterclass 2.0.


If you would like to discuss your business concerns with a trusted business adviser, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Central NSW Business HQ or click on their website.

To contact the office directly ring 1300 232 249 or email reception@bizhq.com.au