Tesla Charges in CBD

September 10, 2019

Bathurst Regional Council has worked to ensure that we meet the changing automotive landscape, and local communities and tourist attractions are not left out as these changes occur.

Currently Charging Stations are located near the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre, 1 Kendall Avenue, which is open 7 days per week, as are the adjacent Harvest Café and restrooms. This location has easy access from the Great Western Highway.

There are 6 x Tesla 100kW branded and 1 x NRMA 50kW branded charge stations available. Teslas fast chargers will only charge Tesla vehicles whilst the NRMA fast charger will charge any vehicle that can take ChaDeMo or CCS connections.

The Tesla and NRMA chargers were entirely funded by those organisations. Council contributed to the cost of the car park as it is located in the public road reserve and will become a Council asset.
The users pay for the recharge, which is between $15 and $30 for a recharge. Many vehicle owners, depending upon their vehicle and contract, actually have free public charging for the life of the vehicle.

Council will continue to support the roll out of fast EV chargers in key gateway and city locations, as well as destination chargers at local business, shops and tourism attractions.