TAFE EOI Bathurst

October 1, 2021

The EOI for the former Bathurst TAFE Precinct has been released

Bathurst Regional Council are inviting Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the redevelopment of the former TAFE Precinct. The redevelopment of the precinct represents a once in a generation opportunity for the Bathurst Region and will include a new public ‘plaza’, new buildings, and the adaptive reuse of the former TAFE and Headmasters buildings.

Council is seeking development interest in the precinct with private (not Council) funding. Private funding allows for the full precinct to be developed, it also allows money from the development of new private buildings to fund the new ‘plaza’ and the adaptive reuse of the Heritage Buildings.

The iconic landmark building covers approximately 6,400 sq.m and provides a rare opportunity to add up to 6,500 sq.m of new floor area to the Bathurst CBD, as well as the endless possibilities provided by the adaptive reuse of the stunning heritage buildings on the site.

The former TAFE building is located within an area of the Bathurst CBD known as the “Town Square” and is located near King’s Parade – a major events area where the Bathurst Community celebrates. The community significant building is surrounded by shopping centres and retail high streets, as well as the iconic Carillon, Machattie Park, Courthouse and Civic Centre.

Bathurst Regional Council are seeking an innovative consortium of design and development expertise and private finance for the Project. This could include a private developer, development consortium and/or joint venture with Council.

Expressions of interest are to be lodged by 15th February 2022, with applications submitted electronically via tenderlink. An industry briefing on the EIO will be held Wednesday 24th November 2021, details are available upon registration though tenderlink.

See the Your Say Bathurst Regional Council portal for more information or email council@bathurst.nsw.gov.au.