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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Marketing Workshop: Brand Awareness in a Heritage City

Tuesday 20 September

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, 105 William St,  10am – 12pm.

  • How does the customer view your brand? Is it consistent? Does it appeal to your target market and draw them in? There are many facets to a successful brand, including signage, merchandising, the customer experience and how this translates online. You can even leverage from the advantages of your surroundings, including Bathurst’s unique position as Australia’s first European inland settlement.  This workshop will present advice from both Council and local marketing expert Karyn Taylor.
  • This Workshop will explore:
    • Building presentation and signage – design, compliance and heritage considerations
    • Physical branding – merchandising, store layout and the customer experience
    • Online branding – website appeal and brand consistency

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