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August 13, 2020

During July we spent some time with Angus Edwards, Principal, and Simone Townsend, Practice Manager, at Kenny Spring Solicitors.

You can meet Angus and Simone in the video below and learn about their firm’s point of difference and how they’ve created a team culture that responds well to challenges and changes.

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Angus spoke of investment in quality, personalised communication that is both engaging and informative and of adapting to their meet clients’ changing needs within the context set by COVID-19 restrictions and related law court operational changes.

Simone, whose responsibilities include human resource management and marketing, noted that by taking a proactive approach to communicating with clients, the firm was able to reassure clients, strengthen client-firm relationships, build trust within their community and find out early on what were some key issues for clients and staff alike.

For several years Kenny Spring Solicitors has actively invested in mindful leadership practices at work and in nurturing the emotional intelligence of all staff. The positive results of this commitment to holistic growth speak for themselves, with staff uniquely equipped to navigate their way through personal and professional challenges and to support clients through work and life experiences requiring legal guidance. In addition, the confidence of staff to contribute to business management discussion has paved the way for innovative idea generation and cross-team collaborations.

The vibe of the business is one of confident upbeat energy and focused engagement; giving them a sense of being simultaneously approachable and professional.  This vibe is successfully translated through their digital marketing. A visit to the Kenny Spring website shows the important role digital marketing plays in communicating the tone of voice and personality of their brand, reassuring prospective clients of the firms’ investment in community and its high regard for all staff, and demonstrating their currency and engagement in their profession.  Their website is used as an active marketing tool, which they update with news contributions from their legal team on a weekly basis. A full event calendar allows the team to connect with a broad regional business network through webinars and Zoom-based workshops and provide initial information to community members who are researching their legal options and needs.

We hope some of these HR, marketing and communication investment ideas resonate with you and prove successful when applied to your business.

Angus and Simone are happy to answer any questions or talk with you about their insights and innovative approaches.

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phone: (02) 6331 2911