Panorama Business and Financial

July 27, 2020

Nathan Pearce and Sandy Matizsik opened the doors on Panorama Business and Financial on 7 August 2017.

Located at 127 Keppel Street, the business offers tax and business performance services, helping small to medium business owners reach their personal, professional, and business goals, and aims to offer a ‘uniquely positive experience to the accounting and financial planning process’.

You can meet Nathan (Director) and Sarah Stewart (Client Services Manager) on the short video we created here and find out more about their business.

Panorama Business and Financial video link

The past three years have been a period of continuous, managed growth for Panorama Business and Financial, with additional specialist staff coming on board, expanded office systems to accommodate the growth and ongoing attention to personal and professional growth for all members of the team. It is Nathan’s research on innovative employee performance management practices that has lead him to reap the rewards of an approach crafted by the global researcher and thought leader, Marcus Buckingham, and Senior Vice President of Leadership and Intelligence at CISCO, Ashley Goodall, in their book ‘Nine Lies About Work’ (2019).  Nathan credits one of the book’s key points with completely resetting the way he supports staff to reach their full potential.

‘The Nine Lies approach made complete sense,’ says Nathan.

‘One of the main lies we’ve been led to believe is that performance management should focus on reducing weaknesses, when in fact by focusing on weaknesses we’re missing this great opportunity to dig into what are our people’s strengths, and identifying what they like doing most of all, which are not necessarily the same thing by the way.’

By introducing a simple worksheet to guide staff through identifying ‘love it or loathe it’ tasks, the business has gained a greater understanding of what motivates staff to engage in different work activities, and informed the improved allocation of tasks among staff.

Another valuable point raised in Nine Lies is for leaders to make sure that each member of the team feels seen for who they are, their unique strengths, attributes, and personal aims.  Again, Nathan took onboard these insights and worked hard to consciously connect with and acknowledge each member of the Panorama team.

Panorama Business and Financial has, like many businesses, adapted to COVID19 working restrictions, with staff working from home and the heightened reliance on technology in client communication. Embracing these changes, Nathan has been leaned into the lessons of Nine Lies, crafting new opportunities to engage with staff, ensuring they feel valued and supported to work and live to their full potential.

‘We set two team meeting times each day. The first one held at 10 am sets up our day’s work and gives staff a chance to check through the work they have scheduled for the day and raise any roadblocks or potential challenges for discussion. In the second meeting at 2 pm we relax, check-in with each other, chat about any wins we’ve had on a project.  We’ve all found the scheduled catch-ups have given our days structure and much-needed contact as a team,’ says Nathan.

If you’d like to know more about Panorama Business and Financial’s approach to business and their efforts in supporting staff resilience, you can contact them directly:

Ph: 02 6358 0915