Education - our second larger employer

The education sector for the Bathurst Region is an important employer and attracts a young, highly skilled population to the region.

There are nearly 50 education institutions throughout the Bathurst Region, making the city a major regional education hub. The sector is worth $434 million and accounts for 13.1% of total employment. The industry is the second largest employer across the Bathurst Region, with employment across the sector rising 26% over the past 10 years and exports increasing nearly 70%.

Bathurst is home to Charles Sturt University, which is Australia’s largest regional university. More than 1,500 students each year study at the Bathurst campus. The university’s 2030 strategy is focused on creating a communication, data and IT hub at Bathurst campus – bringing together industry, researchers and government to collaborate on cutting-edge projects.

Complementing Charles Stuart University's offer is TAFE NSW’s Bathurst College, a major centre for access and general education and trade programs. The presence of the University and TAFE provides our local industries with opportunities for workforce development and technological innovation.

The Western Sydney University also has a presence in Bathurst. Bathurst is one of two regional hubs for the university's School of Medicine Rural program. Fourth and fifth year MD students are provided with clinical training places across a number of disciplines. The rural placements are continuous over 12 months and as such are aligned with national rural health workforce priorities. Medical students in Bathurst rotate through a number of community-based and hospital based clinical placements.

In addition to the tertiary offer, a range of secondary schools operate throughout Bathurst, including three private/Catholic education facilities (Scots All Saints College, St Stanislaus College and MacKillop College) and a range of public education options (Denison College, Bathurst High Campus of Denison College and Kelso High Campus of Denison College). Scots All Saints College and St Stanislaus College (Stannies) offer boarding facilities, which draw from a wide market and provide a high-quality regional education for the children of Sydneysiders as well as the farming communities throughout Regional NSW.

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