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Linking metropolitan and regional transport centres

The Bathurst Aerodrome is a strategically significant precinct for the Bathurst economy. As a major infrastructure node it provides a transport mix for both passengers and logistics. The airport is serviced by FlyPelican, who provide regular passengers services between Bathurst and Sydney.

The aerodrome provides an opportunity for a range of aeronautical businesses to call the city home. Businesses operating out of the Bathurst Aerodrome include a mix of flying schools, maintenance operators, refuelling stations, and charter flight services. A training facility for the Australian Air Force Cadets also operates out of the Bathurst Aerodrome.

In total more than $7 million has been invested in the Bathurst Aerodrome since 2016, including additional space for business operations. The importance of the aeronautical industry on the local economy will increase in the future, with a further $3.8 million being invested at the Bathurst Aerodrome over the next three years. This will include an additional 13,000 sq.m of land available to support locally based aeronautical related businesses.

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