Central West Pumped Hydro Project

The proposed Central West Pumped Hydro Project is expected to generate sufficient energy to power over 240,000 homes.

The Central West Pumped Hydro Project is in the early stages of project assessment and development. The site for the project is situated between Bathurst and Lithgow.

The ATCO project is planned to store energy during periods of surplus electricity generation and generate energy during periods of high demand using the stored energy under a daily cycle regime. This process will generate sufficient energy to power over 240,000 homes.

The project is planned to generate 200 employment opportunities during construction and 30 jobs on an ongoing basis. The project will require improvements to local telecommunications infrastructure, which is expected to improve coverage in the local area.

“Our long term community investment will be developed collaboratively during the project development phase, to deliver benefits to the community where we will live and work over the life of the project.  The Project will deliver other local benefits such as upgrades to local existing infrastructure and roads.” ATCO website.

For more information visit the Central West Hydro Project website or contact the Communications and Engagement Manager - 0407 888 407.

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