Laffing Waters Master Plan

The Laffing Waters Master Plan provides an opportunity for some 2,270 new dwellings, housing 5,200 residents.

As a key urban release and growth area for Bathurst, the Laffing Waters Master Plan is an exciting project for the Bathurst Region. Laffing Waters is identified as an Urban Release area under the Bathurst Regional Local Environmental Plan 2014 and is currently zoned residential. The area encompasses some 360 hectares of land.

The Laffing Waters Master Plan has been developed to ensure an integrated 'whole-of-community' approach is achieved in its future development. The Master Plan seeks to:

  • Facilitate an important opportunity to create a sustainable, liveable community over 360 hectares.
  • Bring together best practice urban design principles, responding to the context of the site and its sense of place.

The Master Plan proposes an opportunity for some 2,270 new dwellings, housing a population of approximately 5,200 residents. The residential density proposed by the Master Plan has been carefully considered to meet identified future demands.

The Laffing Waters community will be supported by a vibrant Neighbourhood Activity Centre (NAC) with a new supermarket, speciality shops and opportunities for other business and community facilities and services.

A new school site has been co-located with a district level (9ha) park/sporting field adjacent to the proposed NAC.

The Master Plan includes planned usable open space in line with the recommendations of the Bathurst 2040 Open Space Strategy. Local parks and drainage reserves ensure green links and pedestrian connections throughout the area. Integrated water sensitive urban design is a key feature of the Master Plan.

The Laffing Waters Master Plan can be downloaded here.

Want to express an interest in the development? Contact Jessica or David in our Economic Development team.

Illustration of Laffing Waters Master Plan

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